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LabTAG partnership to increase the productivity of life science

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The partnership between a LIMS company and a label manufacturer enables any lab to track laboratory samples using barcode technology.

Fort Collins, Colorado, June 23, 2021

Properly labeling laboratory specimens is the most effective way to increase the productivity of research teams. GenoFAB and LabTAG have joined forces to make it easier for any laboratory to use barcode technologies to identify and track their valuable samples.

It is estimated that, in the US alone, $28bn per year are wasted in preclinical research that fails to deliver reproducible results. Sample and reagent identification explains 36.1% of the problems and represents the main source of irreproducibility.

Many laboratories are still relying on handwritten labels to identify their samples because printing labels is surprisingly challenging in a laboratory environment. Many samples in the life sciences are very small and exposed to very harsh conditions. A working labeling solution requires assembling specialized labels that can withstand the most extreme conditions from ultra-low to ultra-high temperatures. It also requires a label printer compatible with the labels and software to control the printer.

GenoFAB provides a web-based software solution allowing users to document their samples and generate barcode labels that make it possible to retrieve the sample documentation. Unlike other label printing solutions that only print labels but lack a data management system, GenoFAB users can attach as much data they need to document their samples. Furthermore, GenoFAB's label design and printing solution are completely web-based. It does not require users to use a specific type of computer and install third-party software on their computer to design and print their labels.

“Every sample deserves its own barcode,” said Jean Peccoud, CEO of GenoFAB. “Printing labels should be the first step of any experiment”.

LabTAG manufactures specialty labels for the life science industry. Their unmatched expertise and reputation in this market made them a natural partner to develop an integrated sample labeling solution that will meet the needs of the most demanding laboratories. GenoFAB users will find in LabTAG, a trusted partner that will help them select the labeling solution that will meet their needs and requirements.

“GenoFAB label printing solution removes a lot of friction that many users find difficult to overcome,” said George Ambartsoumian, CEO of LabTAG. “We are looking forward to providing GenoFAB users with the specialized labels they need in their harsh laboratory environments to identify their specimens, track their samples, and manage their inventory”.

About GenoFAB: GenoFAB’s web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) allowing research organizations to increase the quantity and quality of data they can produce with their existing resources. It reduces the probability of project failure by extracting actionable information from raw data in real time.

LabTAG, a division of GA International Inc., is a full-scale research and development company that manufactures specialty labels and tapes including cryogenic, xylene, and autoclave resistant, wrap-around (self-laminating) labels, and much more.

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